Proper Teacher student ratio is to ensure healthy interaction and interpersonal relationship


The school has an excellent and sufficient accommodation with all necessary facilities.

Academic Ethos

The Gips academic ethos focuses on encouraging the students to utilize their talents, and and develop their intellectual .

About Us

We Are All Here To Help You

GIPS is one of the leading co-educational schools under the aegis of Saint Namdev Educational And Welfare Society(Regd).For the functional purpose there is a Primary Wing and a Sr.Sec. Wing . All these wings are located together in a magnificent School building with Eco-friendly environment.

One of the pioneers of Public School Education , established in the year 2003, Ghoman International Public School stands apart in the galaxy of good public schools in Ghoman. It is affiliated to C.B.S.E upto +2 level. It is one of the leading co-educational schools under the aegis of Saint Namdev Educational And Welfare Society.

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Principal's Message

– Mrs. Manjeet (Principal) – M.A.(Eng.), B.Ed.

The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards. School should be an arena of motivation and quality, the principle, being that in a spirit of healthy competition, each student in the process is spurred to greater heights.

The true purpose of education is to promote the joy of learning, a life long learning. We need to develop internal motivation to learn.G.I.P.S caters to the intellectual,moral ,physical and cultural formation OF students irrespective of caste,creed,sex and social status.

Our Motto is “LEARN,LIVE,LOVE”.Learn to Live means we teach our students to learn the skills to live as true and fully human beings;Live to Love pertains to that living as human beings to love the divine and his creation and Love to Learn means loving God and fellow human beings and also to learn about God ,world and human life I wish and pray to God that the school may serve the cause for which it has been established.

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News & Updates



The total number of books for library is a whopping 5065 with the number increasing with each passing day. The libraries have sections ranging from textbooks …

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Health Center

The health services focusing on children’s health and educational performance needs to be improved due to evolving health priorities such as mental health problems..

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Workshop & Seminars

Ghoman undertakes activities so that students become behaviourally refined and morally forthright by imparting self-discipline, appropriate etiquette and essential life skills. ..

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Provision is made for games,sports and athletics .Participation in games and other activities shall be compulsory .Exemptions may be granted on written request …..

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What Our Students Say's

"Ghoman International Public School is the best CBSE School in the area. I feel proud to be a Alumni of this school. I wish for the growth of school, which is doing its best for the betterment and overall development of the students of this area"

Deepika Sharma

"Ghoman International Public School have wonderful teachers who tries to keep things light and also do their best to teach us something new every class. The campus possesses a fresh green environment which I believe is a great advantage to our studies."

Sandeep Sharma

"As I am a resident of Ghoma, I feel privileged to study here. Moreover, I got to know from a few of the students studying here that the best thing about this School that attracts the students to study here is the exposure while studying."

Deepika Sharma